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  • Our goal is to communicate pertinent information to Boone parents effectively and concisely, and not to inundate parents with redundant or unnecessary information.

  • To that end, Boone publications are intended to communicate only SCHOOL-related information.

  • They are not intended to communicate other community events, or for other organizations, clubs, or businesses.

  • We have a community bulletin board on our PTO website, as well as a physical community bulletin board in the school where you may share information for other organizations and clubs geared toward our students.

  • We do not allow business advertising in our publications, except for sponsors receiving
    placement as a sponsorship benefit. If you are interested in a sponsorship, please reach out to our Corporate Solicitations chair at

  • In an effort to be environmentally friendly, paper handouts should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Paper handouts must not be distributed to students without the prior approval of Secretary & Communications Officer.


Only yard signs pertaining to Boone Elementary school events, PTO events, Parent Education Committee events and Highland Park High School, McCulloch Intermediate School
and Highland Park Middle School performances may be placed in the Boone lawn. Yard signs must be removed promptly after the event has taken place. Yard signs that do not
follow the above guidelines will be removed and discarded.

Only banners pertaining to Boone Elementary school events and any sponsors for such events may be hung at the school. Exceptions may be made for fundraisers that benefit
Boone students and/or staff and at the discretion of the Principal.


Flyers or small posters may be hung on the Community Events bulletin board with the express permission of the Boone administration. Posters may be left on the bulletin board
one month prior to the event. Posters will be discarded once the event occurs.


Any other forms of promotion must be approved in advance by Boone Elementary administration. Boone Elementary prohibits the sale of any items on its campus not benefitting
Boone Elementary.

All communications are overseen by the PTO Secretary and Communications Officer. You may reach out with questions about this policy at


When submitting something for publication,

be sure to do these three things:


Write your text exactly as you would like it to appear and include any image(s) you would like used


Keep it brief. For emails, 2-3 sentences is a good guideline. More detailed information can be provided on the website or a PDF. If it is too lengthy, it may be edited.


Be sure to include relevant contact names, e-mail addresses, attachments, and URLs for links

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