Here's everything you need to know about volunteering in the Boone Cafeteria



For All Volunteers


Every volunteer and sub must have a background check prior to serving. Background checks are completed through the BSSU process; therefore, if you did not provide information during that time, please contact the Boone office well in advance to get cleared as a volunteer.



  • Shift times are from 10:35am - 12:40pm. If you are late, it causes the other volunteers to scramble to cover for you. Please contact your Day Captain if you are running late.


  • Please leave as many personal items as possible at home. 

  • If you choose to bring personal items (cell phones, purses, water bottles, etc.), they must be left in the lockers in the kitchen.  Please keep in mind that Boone and the PTO are NOT responsible for any stolen items. There are workers, delivery drivers, etc. coming in and out of the cafeteria, so it is NOT a safe place for valuables.


  • Closed toe shoes. No sandals or flip flops. 

  • Shirt with sleeves. No tank tops, but short sleeves are okay.

  • Long hair should be pulled back into a pony-tail.

  • Bring a hat/visor if you'd like (a required hairnet will be provided). 

  • Rings may be bands only (no stones that could tear gloves). 

  • No dangling earrings.


  • Boone will provide disposable gloves, aprons, and a hairnet. Hairnets are required unless your hair is short. You may wear your own hat/visor over the hairnet if you wish.   

  • Wash your hands in the cafeteria before putting on your gloves.  Change your gloves frequently… any time you touch your face, hair, mask, and in between grade levels. Also change your gloves after touching anything with peanut butter.   

  • Do not eat, drink, or have your cell phone out while serving on the line, working in the kitchen, or serving as a cashier.  If you must check your phone, please remove your gloves, leave the serving line to retrieve your phone, and wash your hands and put on new gloves upon returning.

  • Serve the portions as shown by the cafeteria manager each day. Please follow these guidelines for all students so we don’t run out of food for the 4th grade students. Teachers should receive generous portion size. 

  • Please do not take extra food to your child. 


  • Your kids love to see you serving lunch and it is a great way to meet other parents. The cafeteria could not operate without you!​

  • You are welcome to stay after and eat lunch or grab a lunch to go. This is one added benefit of working cafeteria. 



The cafeteria counts on you to work your designated shift. If you are not able to make your shift, it is YOUR responsibility to find a sub. Please be proactive and start looking for one early. Don’t wait until the last minute!  It is not the responsibility of your Day Captain to find you a sub. 


Remember, all subs must have had a current background check, which occurred during BSSU  if you provided your information.



  • Have a buddy system in place from the beginning of the year.  Ask a friend or neighbor who works on a different day to be “on-call” for you in case of a last-minute emergency or illness, and you can do the same for them!

  • Text or call your friends to see if they can work for you or trade shifts.  Friends are the ones most likely to help when you are in a bind.

  • Contact people who work on a different week, but on the same day as you (e.g. a different Tuesday than you). The roster at the link below has a tab at the bottom for people who work each day of the week.



AFTER you find a sub, let your day captain know who your replacement is.  If you have exhausted all of the above options, or it is a last minute emergency, please contact your day captain and Meghan McCord at 214-771-1398. 


Is YOUR Responsibility





There are no exchanges or variations on the set lunch other than plain PB, PB&J, or turkey sandwiches. Exceptions may be made for students with allergies or students who are vegetarians.


Dessert is on Tuesdays and Thursdays to 2nd-4th graders and is sold a la carte.  It is available to all grade levels on Fridays. The cafeteria manager will indicate whom dessert is available for each day and what to charge for the dessert that day.


For 1st-4th grade, students are allowed to come back for a second helping unless one of the staff members has indicated otherwise. 


Once you scan the student’s account number in the computer, please make sure the student's name matches the account number they provided. We are on the district server, so if there is a lot of activity, it can slow us down for a few seconds at times. If you hit a button and it doesn’t respond, please wait for it to catch up.


  • If you leave the register to visit a student in the dining area, wash your hands before returning to the register.

  • As a cashier, you cannot touch any food. If you do, you MUST wash your hands immediately.


Through Skyward parents may close an account or put a daily dollar limit on purchases. As a cashier, we MUST honor the dollar limit put on the account. Please also be aware of pop up messages regarding specific food allergies. Report any overages to the Cafeteria Manager.




  • Establish a communication method with your shift members via email, text, or GroupMe.

  • Tell your shift members that every volunteer and sub must have a background check prior to serving. Background checks are completed through the BSSU process; therefore, if a person did not provide information during that time, they have not been cleared to volunteer and must contact the Boone office well in advance to get cleared as a volunteer.

  • Remind your volunteers to look for subs early when needed and not stop until a sub has been found!  It is the volunteers’ duty to find a sub, NOT yours. However, if a sub has not been found, you will need to let the PTO Cafeteria Volunteer Chair know ASAP so she can help handle the situation.

  • A week prior to your shift, confirm all volunteers will attend or have found a sub.  If a sub is attending, get the name and contact info of the sub.

  • If YOU have a sub, please make sure your shift is aware so they will know who to contact in your absence. Your designated sub should have everyone’s contact information for the shift.


  • Make sure everyone arrives on time. Shift times are 10:35am - 12:40pm. We start serving lunches at 10:50, so everyone needs to be on time! 

  • Have your shift members’ contact information with you so you can call someone if they are late.

  • Ensure all servers are wearing an apron, hairnet, closed toe shoes, and a shirt with sleeves (no tank tops). Hair should be pulled back in a pony tail if it is longer than shoulder length. 

  • Remind servers that no cell phones can be out in the service line.

  • Remind servers that there is no eating or drinking allowed in line.

  • Introduce yourself to the cafeteria manager and the other employees each month until they get to know you. They have all the students PLUS all of the volunteers coming in every day so it is hard to always remember everyone!

  • Lead your team by example. Don’t hesitate to ask someone to change gloves if needed or make suggestions if they are not following the rules.