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Bike & Walk to School Day 13x4 for print

Bike & Walk to School Day

Friday, September 1st

Sponsored by Dear Hannah Prep

Dear Parents,

We are excited for Bike + Walk to School Day Friday, September 1st! We hope this map will help you and your child identify the safest route to school, taking note of where sidewalks are available and where the crossing guards are located.


Your child should circle or color where the crossing guards, your house and Boone are located on the map. Then, please help your child draw the safest route to school. As you do, you can talk about other things to watch out for such as alley crossings, streets with and without four-way stop signs, areas where they might need to walk their bike such as crowded sidewalks, etc.

Be sure to discuss the Safety Review Q&A with your child. We will also be showing them Bike Safety videos this week at school.

We hope that Friday you will join your child on a bike or walk to school so you can practice all they’ve learned together!

Emily Boles, Jen Clifton and Audrey Robertson
Safety Program Chairs

Bike + Walk to School day is on Friday, September 1st! Grab your family and ride your bikes, scooters or walk to school and greet a surprise guest!  Make sure to wear your helmets, watch the safety videos in class and reference the map given out that week for the safest way to get to school.

For more info or questions, contact our event chairs.

Audrey Robertson, Jen Clifton, Emily Boles

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