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Bike & Walk to School Day

Sponsored by Citra Urgent Care

Friday, September 2nd

Bike & Walk to School Day 13x4 for print

We have a fun week of activities planned to help our kids learn about bicycle and pedestrian safety!

  • Monday. Maps will be sent home with the students so that families can work together to draw the safest route to school.  Maps should be returned to teachers by Thursday to receive a special prize!


  • Tuesday. Students will watch a bike safety video and take a fun "kahoots" quiz to test their knowledge!

  • Wednesday. Students will watch a video introducing our crossing guards.

  • Thursday. All completed maps should be returned to teachers for a special prize.   Students will watch a video providing walking safety tips. 


  • Friday. We encourage everyone to bike and walk to school with a parent today to practice their best pedestrian and bicycle safety! Each student will get a sticker upon arrival. We'll also have some fun music and special guests to greet the students on arrival!

For more info or questions, contact our event chairs.

Audrey Robertson, Amy Tremper, Brittany Dyer

Thank you to our Generous Sponsor!

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