SEPT. 11-24, 2020

We are excited to be celebrating our inagural year of Book it for Boone! This fundraiser has two primary goals - to foster a love of reading in our students and to raise critical funds to support Boone and the amazing programs paid for by the PTO. Let's make it a great first year! Our theme is Charlie & The Chocolate Factory: it will be a sweet adventure in reading!


GOAL FOR EACH STUDENT: Raise $150 in pledges

Register your student

Ask for pledges

  • Log in to Pledgestar to enter family and friends' names and email addresses

  • Personalized pledge requests will be emailed to each email address submitted

  • All pledge amounts are flat-rate donations not tied to reading sessions

  • All pledge donations are tax-deductible

  • All pledges are due by Thursday, Sept. 24 at 10 pm


GOAL FOR EACH STUDENT: Read 15 home sessions (1 session = 15 minutes of reading)

Read at home

  • Students set a goal of reading 15 sessions at home

  • Students have the opportunity to read more than 15 minutes at home to receive VIP and Super VIP Reader status

  • Reading sessions for emerging readers may include listening to a parent or sibling read or listening to audio books

Track reading sessions

  • Each student should track his or her home sessions

  • Parents will record their student's home reading sessions online 

  • Sessions must be recorded online by Thursday, Sept. 24 at 10 pm to count toward a student's total reading sessions


Celebration on September 28

Prizes and Parties

  • Prizes and parties are awarded for reaching specific monetary fundraising levels

  • Prize distribution days are Wednesday, Sept. 16, Wednesday, Sept. 23, and Monday, Sept. 28. Pledges must be received by 10 pm two days prior to the prize distribution day. Final pledge deadline is Thursday, Sept. 24 at 10 pm


To be considered a VIP Reader, students must complete additional reading sessions beyond the 15 home-session goal. Only reading sessions recorded online by Thursday, Sept. 24 at 10 pm will be considered for VIP status. VIP Reader status is not tied to fundraising.


VIP Reader status is achieved by reading the total number of sessions listed below.

(1 session = 15 minutes of reading)

Kindergarten - 22 home sessions

1st grade - 24 home sessions

2nd grade - 28 home sessions

3rd grade - 30 home sessions

4th grade - 34 home sessions


Rewards for VIP Readers include a treat from from a Wonkalicious candy cart, a VIP Swag bag, and photo on library VIP wall.


The 5 students from each grade with the most overall home sessions recorded online by Thursday, Sept. 24th at 10 pm will be recognized with a special prize and celebrated on the morning announcements on September 28.



  • Each class that raises $3,000 in total pledges*

  • The single class with the most reading sessions*


  • The class in each grade level with the most pledges*

  • The class in each grade level with the most reading sessions*

  • Virtual classes earning these awards will receive coupons for Mimi's Pizza

* For virtual classes, winning thresholds will be adjusted relative to class size


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