Get involved in Boone to have the chance to build relationships with friends, see your kids at school, and give your children the chance to see you hard at work.


Contact the email address listed to volunteer!

CAFETERIA • cafeteriavolunteer@boonepto.org

Two-hour shift per month. Sign up here


TEACHER WORKROOM • workroom@boonepto.org

One-hour shift per month to help teachers make copies, laminate, and more.


GARDEN • grounds@boonepto.org

One- to two-hour shifts per month to help water, weed, and maintain our garden.

LIBRARY • library@boonepto.org

One-hour shift per month to help sort and shelve books.

SPIRIT SHOP • spiritshop@boonepto.org

30-minute shift per month to serve as cashier and store attendant.


ART DISPLAYS • steamprograms@boonepto.org

One-hour per month to help display student artwork on bulletin boards throughout the school.


Each class has two room parents. 

  • Communication Room Parent sends a monthly email (provided by the PTO) with school and class news, and helps recruit volunteers for special events and class parties. 

  • Photography Room Parent takes and gathers pictures from school and class events and submits these to the Yearbook chair. 


If you are interested in being a Room Parent, look for the sign-up form in BSSU and in the Boone Barker at the beginning of the year.


We'll need a host of volunteers for shifts at our events, including Carnival, Book Fairs, Bike Rodeo and Field Day.

You'll be able to use SignUp.com to volunteer for one-time shifts for the Carnival, Book Fair, Bike Rodeo, Field Day, and more! Watch The Boone Barker to know when new opportunities become available to sign up.


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