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Bike Rodeo

Sponsored by
Plains Capital

Friday, April 1st

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About the Event: 

Get ready for a rollin' good time! Our bike rodeo is a great opportunity for the students to learn bike safety and ride along an obstacle course. Students will receive a sticker and popsicles at the finish line. Trek bicycles from Snider Plaza will be on hand to help with any bike issues or helmet fitting. Trek has also donated some prizes. Look for more information on prizes as the event approaches. 

Parent Spectator Information: 

Parent spectators will be welcome if the weather is nice and the event is outside. Unfortunately, we cannot invite parents to attend if the event is moved indoors due to weather. 

Event Schedule: 


Important reminders: 

  • Please allow extra time to get to school on Friday as there will be a lot of bikers on the roads. Don't forget to use the approved bike routes to school! 

  • Bring a bike or scooter to school. No skateboards or rollerblades.

  • Bring a helmet with the child's name on it. Helmets are required to participate! 

  • Show your spirit! Wear a Boone shirt and closed toe tennis shoes.

  • Park bikes & scooters in the designated area for your class. 

  • Please remember to take your child’s bike/scooter home at the end of the day!

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For more info or questions, contact our event chairs.

Anne Evans and Hillary Murff

Monday – Be Ready to Ride