Lunch is going to look really different. Here's everything you need to know about volunteering in the Boone Cafeteria for this year!


Lunch will be served

All lunches will be boxed and placed on tables before students enter the cafeteria.  Students will not be going through the lunch line.  The cafeteria staff will pre-box the cold lunches in the morning before we arrive.  These will be ready in the refrigerator. 


We will have 4 volunteers serving hot lunches into boxes.  One other volunteer will help load the carts. One cashier volunteer will enter the purchases for the day into the cash register system.  All 6 volunteers will help clean the tables and place the meals out in between grade levels.  Thank you for being ready and willing to step in wherever/however you are needed!



Will be serving?

Some shifts currently have more than 6 volunteers signed up (since our normal cafeteria operations require 8-9 people). Day Captains will reach out to you to determine who will work each shift.  If you are not one of the 6 volunteers for that day, please keep that day open on your calendar as a sub if the need should arise.  If you are not able to volunteer one month because there are more than 6 volunteers, you’ll be given the first opportunity to volunteer the following month.


Will we be serving?

The lunch schedule has been extended in order to keep class cohorts together and allow for proper sanitization between groups.  Because of the new schedule, each shift will be from 10:00am – 1:15pm. It is IMPERATIVE to be ON TIME for your shift! We have to train everyone, and have lunches boxed and on tables for about 80 kids by the time they step in the cafeteria at 10:30.  Checking in at the front office will also require a few minutes.



  • Stop at the front entrance, scan the QR code (use the camera app on your phone) and fill out the COVID symptom/exposure survey before entering the school

  • Check in at the front office, get a security badge and have your temperature taken.

  • Please bring your own mask and hat/visor.  The cafeteria will only have hairnets if you forget your hat or visor.

  • Wear closed toe shoes.

  • Boone will provide disposable gloves, aprons, and a hairnet (if you forget your hat/visor). Boone will also provide a re-useable face shield if you have to assist in the cafeteria where the children eat.  You are welcome to bring your own face shield if you wish. 

  • Wash your hands in the cafeteria before putting on your gloves.  Change your gloves frequently… any time you touch your face, hair, mask, and in between grade levels. Wash your hands between glove changes.  

  • Leave as many personal items as possible at home.  Cell phones, purses, and drinks will not be allowed on the serving line.  These must remain in the lockers at the back of the cafeteria.  

  • If you must check your phone, you must remove your gloves, leave the serving line to retrieve your phone, wash your hands upon returning and put on a new pair of gloves.

  • Volunteers will not be allowed to visit or interact with students during lunch.  We will have to be satisfied with watching and waving from a distance for the time being. 



The cafeteria counts on you to work your designated shift. If you are not able to make your shift, it is YOUR responsibility to find a sub. Be proactive and start looking for one early. Don’t wait until the last minute! We know emergencies like sick kids can come up, but be prepared to start calling subs if this occurs. It is not the responsibility of your Day Captain to find you a sub. 


Remember, all subs must have had a current background check, which occurred during BSSU  if you provided your information.



After you find a sub, let your day captain know who your replacement is.


  • Check with any extra volunteers on your shift (if your shift has more than 6) to see if one can work for you that month.

  • Propose a trade.  Look for open sub requests in the online system and propose a trade with someone else who needs a sub… kill two birds with one stone!

  • Have a buddy system in place from the beginning of the year. Have a friend or neighbor that works on a different day be “on-call” for you in case of a last-minute emergency or illness.

  • Text or call your friends to see if they can work for you or trade shifts. Friends are the ones most likely to help when you are in a bind.

  • Contact people who work on a different week, but on the same day as you. They are more likely to be able to switch with you since they are free on that day of the week for their shift.

  • Enter a sub request in the online volunteer system.  Remember, just because you request a sub does not mean one will automatically appear.  Check on your request and keep using other methods to find a sub until your shift is covered.

    • ​To request a swap go to on a computer (swap feature does not work on mobile). Find your shift and click the “My Spots” button to the right and select the “Request Swap” option. Choose select all, or choose which other days’ volunteers you want to send the request to. Then, click Next and enter a message to send to potential people to swap with. An email swap request will be sent out to everyone on the list. 


Is YOUR Responsibility






  • Establish a communication method with your shift members via email, text, or GroupMe.

  • Tell your shift members that every volunteer and sub must have a background check prior to serving. Background checks are completed through the BSSU process; therefore, if a person did not provide information during that time, they have not been cleared to volunteer and must contact the Boone office well in advance to get cleared as a volunteer.

  • Remind your volunteers to look for subs early when needed and not stop until a sub has been found!  It is the volunteers’ duty to find a sub, NOT yours. However, if a sub has not been found, you will need to let the PTO Cafeteria Volunteer Chair know ASAP so she can help handle the situation.

  • A week prior to your shift, confirm all volunteers will attend or have found a sub.  If a sub is attending, get the name and contact info of the sub.

  • If YOU have a sub, please make sure your shift is aware so they will know who to contact in your absence. Your designated sub should have everyone’s contact information for the shift.


  • Make sure everyone arrives on time. Shift times are 10:00am - 1:15pm. The first class comes through at 10:30am and the cafeteria manager needs to give instructions and lunches need to be boxed and placed on tables before lunch starts.

  • Have your shift members’ contact information with you so you can call someone if they are late.

  • Ensure all servers are wearing an apron and hat/visor. Aprons are provided but hats are not.

  • Remind servers that no cell phones can be out in the service line.

  • Remind servers that there is no eating or drinking allowed in line.

  • Introduce yourself to the cafeteria manager and the other employees each month until they get to know you. They have all the students PLUS all of the volunteers coming in every day so it is hard to always remember everyone!

  • Lead your team by example. Don’t hesitate to ask someone to change gloves if needed or make suggestions if they are not following the rules.

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